Pre-release of 2.1.7

Ryan Steinmetz rpsfa at
Wed Sep 2 18:22:10 CEST 2009

The dictionary.airespace file should probably be updated.

Airespace is now owned by Cisco and the VSAs that are published are different from those included with the FR distribution.  See for additional details.

I've included the copy of the dictionary.airespace file that I'm using.


# -*- text -*-
#       As found on the net.
#       $Id$
VENDOR          Airespace                       14179

BEGIN-VENDOR    Airespace
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Wlan-Id                       1       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-QOS-Level                     2       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-DSCP                          3       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-8021p-Tag                     4       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Interface-Name                5       string
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-ACL-Name                      6       string

VALUE   Airespace-QOS-Level             Bronze                  3
VALUE   Airespace-QOS-Level             Silver                  0
VALUE   Airespace-QOS-Level             Gold                    1
VALUE   Airespace-QOS-Level             Platinum                2

END-VENDOR Airespace

On (09/02/09 10:46), Alan DeKok wrote:
>   It's been a while since 2.1.6, and it's getting close to time for
> 2.1.7.  In order to ensure the stability of the software, we need your help.
>   Please download the "pre" release of 2.1.7 from:
>   Build it, install it, and see if there are issues.  The directory also
> includes Debian packages for Ubuntu 8.0.4.
>   If there are no issues, we can release 2.1.7 this week.
>   Alan DeKok.
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