FreeRADIUS proxy - Is Proxy-State (AVP 33) mandatory in the Acct Response?

Cristina Miyata cmiyata at
Fri Sep 4 19:38:38 CEST 2009

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Dear FreeRADIUS Users,


I have one FreeRADIUS server proxying accounting RADIUS to two different hosts. One of the remote hosts is receiving the requests and answering the responses, but processing the details file very slowly (keeps being marked as dead all the time).


I realized that this host doesn't responds the accounting request with the Proxy-State (AVP 33). I checked the RFC2865 and it seems that it is mandatory the remote server responds the accounting response with the Proxy-State (AVP 33).


My questions are:

1) Is FreeRADIUS really correlating the accounting requests/response correctly for this remote host that doesn't add the AVP 33 in the response for a proxied request?

2) What is the expected behavior of the FreeRADIUS and effects in the described situation (proxied requests being responded with no Proxy-State attribute).


Appreciate any help and Thanks in advance!


Cristina Miyata

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