FreeRadius is 3 time quicker when running in full debug mode ( -X option)

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Wed Sep 9 11:07:46 CEST 2009

Vincent Laborie wrote:
> We are using debian lenny that I guess has a reasonable threading
> implementation.
> with the standard free-radius package ( version 2.0.4)
> is any body aware of this kind of issue with Lenny and this version of
> Freeradius?
> The fact that free radius man page contain the following sentence :
> "The  server  normally  runs with multiple threads and/or processes,
> which can lower its response time to requests."
> Seems to indicate that this is a know fact on some system
> Is any body has this kind of issue ?

No, you've mis-read that. It "lowers the time" i.e. makes it faster.

This is all very bizarre, debian is normal OS, and FreeRadius should 
*not* be running slower in threaded mode.

How are you measuring this performance?

What configuration changes have you made from the default (please don't 
send all your config files - just a brief description of which modules 
you've got enabled)

Could you send the debug output (i.e. "radiusd -X") for a *SINGLE* one 
of the performance-test requests?

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