Problems with dynamic-clients

Barbara Picci barbara.picci at
Thu Sep 10 17:08:31 CEST 2009

Yes, it has been done for the static IP.
With the original query it works.
But I need to have different users for every access point and I've 
tried to apply NAS-Identifier in radgroupcheck but it doesn't work.

So, I've changed my query joining the NAS-Identifier instead of the 
Ip address and it works.

Is there another method to do it?
I've not found anything else...


>  > Hi all,
>>  I've some difficulties to set dynamic clients with FreeRADIUS Version
>>  2.1.3 in a debian etch.
>>  I've successfully tested freeradius and mysql and chillispot with nas
>>  static IP withous problems, but I need to have dynamic clients.
>There is nothing wrong with dynamic clients. You are using custom
>authorize sql query and that is likely failing. Run the one from the debug
>by hand and see if returns what it should.
>Ivan Kalik
>Kalik Informatika ISP

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