MAC/IP/Identity correlation through AAA and DHCP

Ben Jencks ben at
Sat Sep 12 19:26:17 CEST 2009


First, this is in a wired/wireless WPA2/802.1x environment. I'm trying  
to create a log of who (real world identity) had what MAC and IP when.  
The plan is to periodically parse the FreeRADIUS AAA logs (identity to  
MAC mappings) and DHCP lease files (MAC to IP mappings) and correlate  
them. Before I dive into parsing these, has anyone written these  
scripts already?

Alternatively, will the FreeRADIUS DHCP server do this without any  
extra work, and is it mature enough for production? I couldn't find  
any real documentation on it; just the feature page, and it says it  
only supports static addresses (I need to oversubscribe the address  
pool, so I can't do static).

Ben Jencks

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