Version 2.1.7 has been released

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Sep 15 15:04:20 CEST 2009

  After 4 months, Version 2.1.7 has been released.  The focus of this
release is stability.

  There is a lot new in 2.1.7, especially full CoA support!  The server
can now send, recieve, and proxy CoA packets.  We expect that people
will start using CoA in their networks, and we are looking for
contributions of sample CoA policies.

  The log messages for authentication success/fail are now partly
customizable.  Proxying is now a little more robust in some corner cases.

  A number of bugs have been fixed, too.

  Alan DeKok.
  Project Leader

	Feature improvements
	* Full support for CoA and Disconnect packets as per RFC 3576
	  and RFC 5176.  Both receiving and proxying CoA is supported.
	* Added "src_ipaddr" configuration to "home_server".  See
	  proxy.conf for details.
	* radsniff now accepts -I, to read from a filename instead of
	  a device.
	* radsniff also prints matching requests and any responses to 		
	  those requests when '-r' is used.
	* Added example of attr_filter for Access-Challenge packets
	* Added support for udpfromto in DHCP code
	* radmin can now selectively mark modules alive/dead.
	  See "set module state".
	* Added customizable messages on login success/fail.
	  See msg_goodpass && msg_badpass in log{} section of
	* Document "chase_referrals" and "rebind" in raddb/modules/ldap
	* Preliminary implementation of DHCP relay.
	* Made thread pool section optional.  If it doesn't exist,
	  the server will run single-threaded.
	* Added sample radrelay.conf for people upgrading from 1.x
	* Made proxying more stable by failing over, rather than
	  rejecting the first request.  See "response_window" in 	
	* Allow home_server_pools to exist without realms.
	* Add dictionary.iea (closes bug #7)
	* Added support for RFC 5580
	* Added experimental sql_freetds module from Gabriel Blanchard.
	* Updated dictionary.foundry
	* Added sample configuration for MySQL cluster in raddb/sql/ndb
	  See the README file for explanations.

	Bug fixes
	* Fixed corner case where proxied packets could have extra
	  character in User-Password attribute.  Fix from Niko Tyni.
	* Extended size of "attribute" field in SQL to 64.
	* Fixes to ruby module to be more careful about when it builds.
	* Updated Perl module "configure" script to check for broken
	  Perl installations.
	* Fix "status_check = none".  It would still send packets
	  in some cases.
	* Set recursive flag on the proxy mutex, which enables safer
	  cleanup on some platforms.
	* Copy the EAP username verbatim, rather than escaping it.
	* Update handling so that robust-proxy-accounting works when
	  all home servers are down for extended periods of time.
	* Look for DHCP option 53 anywhere in the packet, not just
	  at the start.
	* Fix processing of proxy fail handler with virtual servers.
	* DHCP code now prints out correct src/dst IP addresses
	  when sending packets.
	* Removed requirement for DHCP to have clients
	* Fixed handling of DHCP packets with message-type buried in the
	* Fixed corner case with negation in unlang.
	* Minor fixes to default MySQL & PostgreSQL schemas
	* Suppress MSCHAP complaints in debugging mode.
	* Fix SQL module for multiple instance, and possible crash on
	* Fix permissions for radius.log for sites that change
	  user/group, but which don't create the file before starting
	* Fix double counting of packets when proxying
	* Make %l work
	* Fix pthread keys in rlm_perl
	* Log reasons for EAP failure (closes bug #8)
	* Load home servers and pools that aren't referenced from a
	* Handle return codes from virtual attributes in "unlang"
	  (e.g. LDAP-Group).  This makes "!(expr)" work for them.
	* Enable VMPS to see contents of virtual server again
	* Fix WiMAX module to be consistent with examples.  (closes
	  bug #10)
	* Fixed crash with policies dependent on NAS-Port comparisons
	* Allowed vendor IDs to be be higher than 32767.
	* Fix crash on startup with certain regexes in "hints" file.
	* Fix crash in attr_filter module when packets don't exist
	* Allow detail file reader to be faster when "load_factor = 100"
	* Add work-around for build failures with errors related to
	* Made ldap module "rebind" option aware of older, incompatible
	  versions of OpenLDAP.
	* Check value of Fall-Through in attr_filter module.

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