Match two attributes with the same name

Amr el-Saeed amr.elsaeed at
Thu Sep 17 09:34:26 CEST 2009

Hi All,

I am using freeradius 1.1.7

i want to check an attribute come in the Access request ,named 
Cisco-AVPair , i could do this successfully using chkval
i put Cisco-AVPair as a generic check item in the LDAP and is working fine.
the problem is that this is the coming request attributes
        Cisco-AVPair = "client-mac-address=000000000000"
        Cisco-AVPair = "circuit-id-tag= 1/1/06/09:0.35"

So, the radius always apply the comparison with the first Cisco-AVPair  
which is Cisco-AVPair = "client-mac-address=000000000000"
if it is correct returns OK and if not returns reject regardless the 
second one
Actually i don't to do a comparison against the first one, my target is 
the second but the router sends both in that order .
How can i match both attributes even if they have the same name ??

Amr Ali

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