"known good" error

wessam seleem wessam.seleem at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 13:16:36 CEST 2009

   I decided to install free radius 2.1.6-2 to test it and then to upgrade
my existing versions in my servers. I configured my free radius to use ldap.
When I tried to authenticate from the new radius it gave me the following
message "from radius -X".

 Replacing User-Password in config items with Cleartext-Password.     !!!
!!! Please update your configuration so that the "known good"
!!! clear text password is in Cleartext-Password, and not in User-Password.

Note that when I wrote the password encrypted  "like *%@&ksjd%@sdgsadgjhsb"
I was able to login but when I wrote the password in clear text  "like test"
I failed to login.

I tried to search in the internet about this message but I didn't find a
suitable solution for it.. Any Ideas regarding this message??

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