Accounting doesn't increase Daily's count.

Pablo Zanitti pz.radiusd at
Thu Sep 24 18:48:59 CEST 2009

Not quite, now it sends Session-Timeout correctly, but still refuses
to update count more than once.

rlm_counter: Packet Unique ID = '06c10afe9bf618b5'
rlm_counter: Searching the database for key 'Dick'
rlm_counter: Key found.
rlm_counter: Counter Unique ID = '06c10afe9bf618b5'
rlm_counter: Unique IDs for user match. Droping the request.
  modcall[accounting]: module "daily" returns noop for request 23

I've uploaded the whole thing to pastebin because it's about 1500 lines.

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