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Mon Sep 28 17:28:12 CEST 2009

> I am trying to get freeradius to start at boot time so that I don't have
> to log in for it to start up. I saw a previous post that said to
> “Manually add the links in /etc/rc[0-6].d.”

> I am not sure what links this is referring to though, so I am at a
> standstill as to how to do this.

dpends on what OS you have - and, under Linux, which distro you have.

if you have installed from a package, then that package should have
supplied the required start/stop scripts for the system and then you can
use the OS's chosen service solution to configure whether/when the service
is started.

if you have built from source, then there are a few scripts supplied
in the source tarball that can be used - eg there is a script for
RedHat - just copy that script into /etc/init.d and do a 'chkconfig radiusd  


Guess I did forget to include that. I am using Fedora 11, installed from  
CD, and when I
do a 'chkconfig radiusd on', it says no such file or directory.

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