New install does not respond to requests

Alex M freeradius at
Mon Sep 28 23:27:50 CEST 2009

hey all
we just upgraded from 1.x.x to latest version of FreeRadius
unfortunately its aint working :( well i see config files have changed
dramatically so maybe i did something wrong.

What we did we installed everything, unquoted SQL module in dadiusd.config
add proper MySQL info

When i start in -X mode i don't see any errors but the half of the log is
cut off (i guess output is too long)
When I send request i'm getting response that client is unknown. (I did add
nas info in the nas table)

I fugue that SQL statements are not executed but how can i debug that?

In sql config i enabled detailed output but it still does not show anything.
I  guess i'm doing something wrong and I hope i can get some help here?
Thanks a lot!
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