Using Vendor Attributes

Paul Varvel paul.varvel at
Thu Apr 1 17:37:49 CEST 2010

Hi everybody,

I'm beginner with FreeRadius and I'd like to know where can I use a
vendor specific attribute for my Redback router (in which
configuration file).

The dictionary is in /usr/share/freeradius/dictionary.redback and
loaded when FreeRadius starts.

When is try to use Context-Name = "local" (a specific redback
attribute) in my user configuration file. I obtain a Syntax error

You'll find an example of Access Request from the router :

Packet number 1 has just been sniffed
        Type:    Access-Request
        User-Name = "00:0c:29:0e:79:dd"
        User-Password = "\002\251\374-f\211\204\232\232C\350\t%\362S\233"
        Service-Type = Dialout-Framed-User
        NAS-Identifier = "SE800"
        NAS-Port = 235077632
        NAS-Real-Port = 3808428132
        NAS-Port-Type = Virtual
        NAS-Port-Id = ""
        Medium-Type = DSL
        Mac-Addr = "00-0c-29-0e-79-dd"
        Platform-Type = SmartEdge-800
        OS-Version = ""
        Agent-Circuit-Id = "01"
        Vendor-Specific = 0x00000de901144f4e542d31332d312d313a313530303a3031
        Redback-Attr-202 = 0x3d3d0701000c290e79dd
        Redback-Attr-202 = 0x0c0c0466747468
        Redback-Attr-125 = 0x4d53465420352e30

In one word, we'd like to know where include VSAs and how to use it.

Many thanks for your help.

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