NAS-IP vs srcIP

Marlon Duksa mduksa at
Thu Apr 1 18:39:32 CEST 2010

Hi everyone -
Can anyone think of a reason why the NAS-IP and the scr-IP of the access-req
packet should not be the same?

If the NAS-IP is configurable in the NAS, then the NAS-IP can be set to the
IP address other than the src-ip of the NAS that is used in reqular
FreeRadius accounting/authorization packets. The source IP address of the
NAS is normally the native interface address from which access-req was sent
(but it can be configurable).

The NAS-IP would be used to address NAS in CoA requests sent from the
FreeRadius. We need this behavior to address certain deployment

for example:

IP prot:
   srcIP:   dstIP:
Radius prot:
   code: access-request (1)

scrIP != NAS-IP-Address

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