How to differeniate types of users

Rob Yamry ryamry at
Wed Apr 7 18:51:31 CEST 2010

FreeRadius users mailing list <freeradius-users at> writes:
>> I have Radius v1.1.7 working great with eDirectory/LDAP, both running on SLES 10 SP3.   Right now we use it to control access to our wireless in the district, but its sort an all-or-nothing approach right now.  What we are trying to accomplish is to
>> two SSIDs - one for students and one for staff.  As its setup now, anybody can connect to either one.  How would I be able to differeniate the two users?  I can use attributes and such, but how/where would that be defined?
>the NAS should send something that differentiates it...normally
>a VSA that has the SSID in it. you can then do a match comparison.
>i'd move to 2.1.8 if i were you - the unlang feature is priceless
>and makes this very easy to do.
>I'd also say...why 2 SSID's ? why pollute the airwaves and divide
>things up with extra broadcasts when all you need to do is check
>the type of person and use a VLAN to seperate them..if the kit supports
>that of course...
>List info/subscribe/unsubscribe? See

Im not stuck on using two SSIDs...I just thought that would be the way to do it.  If we can use one and use VLANs to get dynamically assigned to different groups of users Id be fine with that.

Is there anything out there that you can direct me to that will get me going on this?  Im new to radius....this was my first install so my knowledge of it is limited on what I can find in docs and on search engines.  Im a bit green to this stuff right

Im using 1.1.7 as thats the one that was in the repo for SLES 10 SP3.  Ill get on 2.x as thats seems to be the right move.


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