Freeradius With EAP-TTLS-LDAP and EAP-PEAP-AD

Nathan McDavit-Van Fleet nmcdavit at
Tue Apr 13 18:26:41 CEST 2010



I'm trying to get Freeradius 2.1.7 working on Redhat. I had previously
gotten PEAP working with ntlm_auth using the walk-through on on a Debian machine. However, it was version 2.0.7 so
things have changed quite a bit in the config files. 


In the new walkthrough I noticed that the ntlm_auth definition is supposed
to be its own module, even though there is still the commented out example
inside the mschap module. The new walkthrough does not mention modifying the
mschap module at all so I wonder which place I should have the config. I
tried with it just in mschap, just in its own module, and both. So far I
have not be successful in enabling the AD feature on my server. 


I tested ntlm_auth directly and it works perfectly. Samba and everything
else is all good, I got TTLS and the users files authenticating well as well
(so my cert is good and TLS is good). So it appears as if I'm missing
something in my Freeradius configs that specifically has to do with







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