Compiling rlm_perl on Solaris 10

Dean, Barry B.Dean at
Mon Apr 19 16:34:38 CEST 2010

I have been having problems compiling rlm_perl on Solaris 10 Intel and have spent days googling for an answer.

Most answers say: "use --without-rlm_perl", which is not much use when you actually *need* it!

Here is what I did to solve it, hopefully this will save someone some pain:

Firstly, my source that built without rlm_perl fine on 9th April 2010, stopped compiling on 16th April 2010 after some Solaris patches!

I got an error telling me that ltdl.h was not found. This is fixed by defining CFLAGS in the environment before the ./configure stage:

setenv CFLAGS -I/<path to freeRADIUS source>/libltdl	(C shell type shells)
CFLAGS="-I/<path to freeRADIUS source>/libltdl" ; export CFLAGS (sh shells and derivatives)

Over hurdle one! What caused this I still have no idea.

Now you have to do:

./configure --with-static-modules=perl

When that is complete, you have to edit <path to freeRADIUS source>/src/main/Makefile> and locate the line:


and edit it to include the path to your DynaLoader.a for your version of Perl, mine was as below:

MODULE_LIBS     = $(STATIC_MODULES) /usr/perl5/5.8.4/lib/i86pc-solaris-64int/auto/DynaLoader/DynaLoader.a

Now build the source with make. It should compile!

Over hurdle two...

Before you can now run radiusd, you will need to do what it says at the end of the make, and add a library path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH so can be found, mine was:

setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/usr/perl5/5.8.4/lib/i86pc-solaris-64int/CORE

and it all comes together and you get a radiusd with rlm_perl that actually runs..

Over the last hurdle!

All I have to do now is write some clever Perl, figure out where to call it and I will be on the home straight!

Best of luck to other Solaris users...

Barry Dean
Principal Programmer/Analyst
Networks Group
Computing Services Department

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