cannot get core dump of crashing freeradius

Jakob Hirsch jh at
Tue Apr 20 13:32:22 CEST 2010

Alan DeKok, 2010-04-20 10:54:

>> So after some debugging I got to the root cause of this:
>> The process's dumpable flag is reset every time the UID is changed. FR
>> does this several times with fr_suid_up() and fr_suid_down() after
>> switch_users() is run, e.g. in listen_bind().
>> So I guess we have to change the fr_suid_* functions to always set the
>> dumpable flag after setting the uid.
>   Ah... OK.  That can be fixed for 2.1.9.

Excellent! :)

Any idea when it will be released?

>> btw, I wonder why is prctl() is not called when debug_flag is set. I
>> would have thought that one would want to get a core dump especially
>> when running in debug mode.
>   It doesn't switch UIDs when in debug mode.  So it inherits whatever

AFAICS it does when starting it as root (check in mainconfig.c:532). I'd
say a quite common case for debugging is to run freeradius -X as root...

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