Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Wed Apr 21 08:43:19 CEST 2010

Jonathan Hutchins wrote:
> Looking carefully through the log, I saw that I had disabled mppe when I was 
> testing without the domain (?).  Renabled it.

  Yes.  You broke the configuration by disabling "use_mppe".

  You have been sending *many* messages trying to get the server to
work.  This is pretty much always a sign that you're trying random
things without thinking them through.  It's also a sign that you've gone
and destroyed the configuration so that it doesn't work.

  There were *multiple* things you did which broke the server.  Each
time, you posted 4-5 messages about how you were trying to fix them, and
how you didn't understand what was going on.

  If you had put *less effort* into break the configuration, you would
also have put *less effort* into getting the server to work.

> So I'll reiterate some of the wisdom you've shared with me:
> Start with a clean config.
> Make small changes and RECORD EVERY CHANGE. then test by running freeradius -X
> Read the FAQ and other docs.
> Post the output of the debug run.

  See "man radiusd".  *THIS IS DOCUMENTED*.

  Honestly.  I don't see what additional documentation we need to write,
when people won't read the existing docs.

  Alan DeKok.

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