VLAN Attribute ?

Difan Zhao difan.zhao at guest-tek.com
Wed Apr 21 20:38:23 CEST 2010

Actually I found these attributes from Cisco switch configuration manual
and I just pasted them in and they worked...

However I just did a search again and I found the attribute is in this
dictionary file:

dictionary.rfc3580:VALUE        Tunnel-Type            VLAN         13

BTW I also got a question for you. It has a ":0" following the
"Tunnel-Type". What is it for? I just removed it and it still works.
However in the Radius -X debug it still has the :0 appending the
attribute name. Any idea??

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Difan Zhao wrote:
> You have to send some attributes to the switch. I am using Cisco
> switches and here are the attributes that I need to send to the switch
> to switch the port to VLAN 3:
> bob	  Cleartext-Password := "test"
>         Tunnel-Type:0 = VLAN,
>         Tunnel-Medium-Type:0 = IEEE-802,
>         Tunnel-Private-Group-Id:0 = "3",
>         Tunnel-Preference = 0x000000
> Other switch vendor may use different attributes.
Thank you for your input.

I'm using HP procurve core switch. I used the following values :
Tunnel-Type = 
Tunnel-Medium-Type = 6
Tunnel-Private-Group-ID =4

It works. In radius log i get the display you given. ie VLAN instead of 
13, IEEE-802 instead of 6. I will make some tests to use directly your 
input. It is easier to read.

But i am surprise. In the rfc the value 13 does not exist about 
Tunnel-Type :

Where is decided the value of 13 ?

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