Proxy EAP-TLS as non-EAP

Alok Shingala alokshingala at
Tue Apr 27 01:31:10 CEST 2010

I am trying to setup FreeRadius server to handle EAP-TLS authentication with
I have another Radius server which does not support EAP-TLS but stores the
WiMAX QoS attribute values that need to be assigned to the user (user is
identified by Calling-Station-ID).
I have been going through all post archive for few days but have NOT been
able to find a thread that directly answers my question.

1. How can I proxy the EAP-TLS request to a radius server which does not
support EAP ? (I only need the Radius Attributes in the outer tunnel)
2. How can I add QoS attributes from the proxy-radius response to the
outer-tunnel of the EAP-TLS response ?

Highly appreciate any help from the community.

Thanks and Regards,
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