Segmentation fault

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Apr 28 10:11:24 CEST 2010

Kristoffer Milligan wrote:
> Thanks for the prompt reply on my previous inquiry regarding the
> compiling error. Worked perfectly with a new checkout.
> A new problem has arrived though. I am trying to do some authentication
> on the WiMAX platform.
> Wed Apr 28 09:04:01 2010 : Info: (7) [ttls] eaptls_process returned 3
> Segmentation fault
> Any ideas why radiusd is segfaulting?

  It works for me.  I suggest:

$ make distclean
$ ./configure ....
$ make

  again.  The internal code has changed quite a bit.  Maybe you're
running into a situation where it's using two different versions of the
code at the same time.

  If that still SEGVs, see doc/bugs

  Alan DeKok.

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