rlm_ippool: No available ip addresses in pool

Tabacchiera Stefano stefano.tabacchiera at lottomatica.it
Fri Apr 30 15:48:55 CEST 2010

Hi there,
we have a major issue with our production server running RHEL 5.2 with FreeRadius 2.0.5.

The problem is that ip addresses are released only when we receive a ACCT-STOP from the NAS, and not when maximum_timeout expires.
So periodically we see the aforementioned error in logfiles and we can't serve ip addresses anymore to our clients.

Is this a known bug?
Is/will be this fixed in a newer release?

Here's our ippool setup:

    ippool pool2 {
      range-start =
      range-stop =
      netmask =
      cache-size = 8192
      override = yes
      maximum-timeout = 3600
      session-db = ${raddbdir}/db-2.ippool
      ip-index = ${raddbdir}/db-2.ipindex

Thanks in advance.


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