Grant access for all users before login

Garber, Neal Neal.Garber at
Wed Dec 1 11:44:02 CET 2010

> Ok machine authentication works now with computer name from samba. 
> i can assign vlans also. The switch port appears as up, BUT i can't
> ping the machine und i can't login with new users that never before 
> use this machine (no local useraccount). Why i doesn't get network 
> access after successful machine authentification!?

If your authentication is successful and you're sure the port is
being put in the correct VLAN, then you should use standard network
troubleshooting techniques.  Not that it's in scope for this list,
but here are some thought starters:

- Does the device have an IP address?
- If so, is it in the VLAN you expected?
- Are the network mask and default gateway correct?
- Can you ping the switch to which you are connected?
- When you ping the switch, do you get an ARP response?
- Are there ACL's or firewalls that might be blocking traffic to other networks?

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