agent-remote-id, agent-circuit-id strange format change.

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Dec 2 14:16:53 CET 2010

Denis Iskandarov wrote:
> they should come in same normal hex format aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff but lil bit
> bit longer e.g.:
> Agent-Remote-Id = 0006000ded21a480
> Agent-Circuit-Id = 000400020000
> But they are coming in this unknow unreadable format:
> Agent-Remote-Id = "\000\006\000\r\355!\244\200"
> Agent-Circuit-Id = "\000\004\000\002\000"

  Use "octets" for the data type.

> dictionary used is Redback with attributes 96 and 97....i've tried both
> octets and string format in dictionary for this attributes.

  "octets" should work.

  i.e. the default configuration works.

  Which version are you running, and why did you edit the dictionary files?

> How can i tell freeradius to work with this attributes in normal format ?
> Other way i've to enter this stupid strings in users db to authenticate
> user (it works like this right now).
> There is other commercial multi OS radius server built on perl
> "RADIATOR" and it works like charm with only few string in its rad.conf.

  Really?  There are other RADIUS servers?

  Alan DeKok.

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