Attribute not passing to NAS?

mikal mpm at
Thu Dec 2 21:36:39 CET 2010

"Yes, I have done a packet trace.  The Filter-Id attribute is sent on the 2nd
packet of the authentication attempt, during the first access-challenge. 
After that, Filter-Id isnt mentioned again until after the Access-Accept
packet on the Accounting-Request.  However, on the Accounting-Request packet
its shown as Students, not Faculty.  The whole authentication process is 20
packets, excluding the accounting packets.  The only thing I noticed that
may be out of the ordinary is that there are 10 access-request packets, with
9 of them being duplicates to the first request.  The Filter-Id attribute is
only sent on the first challenge response. Im not sure if this is normal or
not as I dont have anything to compare to.

Do you see something similar with your configuration?"

Nope, one Access-Request, one Access-Accept.  I just turned off accounting
to keep it as clean and simple as possible, so just a request and an accept.

Sounds like this may be the heart of the issue, it sounds as though you
would be fine if you just had 1 Request/Accept since that first Accept
contains the Filter-Id.  It seems as though that is being lost/overwritten
when the second, etc. Accept is received.
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