Need help Configuring Radius and Ldap

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Fri Dec 3 17:52:06 CET 2010

On 03/12/10 16:39, James Winter wrote:
> My apologies before hand if this is an easy fix, but I have been
> working on configuring a radius server on and off now for a few weeks.
> As a note, I have Radius 2.1.10 installed and I am trying to
> authenticate using Ldap as the user database. I have little to no
> experience in both Radius and Ldap, but I have been reading up and
> looking for documents that explain the process well. The majority of
> documents that I did find were on an older version of radius, or were
> not pertinent to my situation. The following is a copy of my screen
> when I try authenticating a remote device to the radius server, please
> let me know if this helps(or if you would like more information on my
> config)

You haven't said what your problem is!

The radius server is authenticating the user successfully:

> Sending Access-Accept of id 186 to port 4844
> Finished request 3.
> Going to the next request what's the problem?

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