Horacio Andrade Zepeda FELIZZZZZZ horacio-21 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 4 01:29:30 CET 2010

Hello friend first of all I send you greetings know I am a good novice at this I need your help because I see you are very advanced in this case

I desarrolladon a practice school in Freeradius-Server Server at Vercion 2.10.1

I have to make only the MAC authentication for users
but my questions is the MAC addresses are enlisted in the Users file that is located in the directory / usr / local / etc / raddb / users

if ay where you register the MAC address?
with which to command or syntax or only modified the file with the via

Appreciate your support Thank your server
My mail in which I am at your command is 
Horacio-21 at hotmail.com

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!! 		 	   		  
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