Crosspost [hostap, freeradius] Can I send "temporary failure" or "wpa tls has failed, so shove them on a vlan" ?

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Dec 7 04:10:30 CET 2010

Christ Schlacta wrote:
> I know i'll be developing a custom captive portal to run, what I need to
> know is how a) freeradius needs to interact with the portal software

  The captive portal has a web login page, which ends up sending RADIUS

> (can freeradius run scripts as hooks? or similar?

  I have no idea what you mean by that question.

> , or does freeradius
> need to use some complex configuration to make updates to the backend
> (probably sql or ldap),

  Why would FreeRADIUS need to update a backend?  And why would you
think it's complex??

> and b) what does hostapd need to allow users
> with failed authentication to connect, but to a different vlan?  is that
> even possible.

   See the hostpd documentation for how to do this (if possible)

> in the grand scheme of things, captivating clients on any given vlan
> will be a very simple task.

  Yes.  And this isn't a RADIUS issue.

  Go find a captive portal, and configure that.  That documentation will
tell you what it needs from a RADIUS server.

  Alan DeKok.

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