Oracle OID and FreeRadius

Robert Masters RMasters at
Wed Dec 8 03:50:46 CET 2010

Okay, so we've got the whole ancient version thing sorted out, and we
now have things working - sort of.

To recap: We've been working on using Freeradius on RHEL5.4 to link a
Motorola RFS6000 with Oracle OID.

We now have the following situation - and fair warning this is something
of an edge-case as far as FreeRadius goes, as the problem appears to be
more OID.

We can: Use the oracleadmin user to bind to OID and have everything
work. This is sub-optimal for more reasons than I care to count, and
probably more than I can imagine.
We can: Set up an ACL/ACI in OID to allow the purpose-created bind-user
to access the userpassword of a specific user. Radius authentication
then works for that user. Needless to say, it is impractical to do this
for every single user.
We cannot: Set up an OID ACL/ACI to allow the purpose created bind-user
to access the userpassword of every user. This is where we want to get

An alternate path would be to convince FreeRadius to obtain the
user-supplied password via EAP-GTC *before* connecting to OID to
authenticate the user, if that is possible. (None of the doco I have
read to date suggests that it is.) 

Does anyone have any suggestions? Oracle are being questioned on this as
well, but are not being particularly helpful yet.


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