Oracle OID and FreeRadius

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I had forgotten about that - thanks, I'll try giving that a go.


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On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 9:50 AM, Robert Masters
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> An alternate path would be to convince FreeRadius to obtain the
> user-supplied password via EAP-GTC *before* connecting to OID to
> authenticate the user, if that is possible. (None of the doco I have
> read to date suggests that it is.)

That is possible. Have you read the reply I sent to your previous mail?

Note that if you go that route it's not enough to simply configure
FreeRadius to use EAP-GTC. You must configure all clients to do
EAP-GTC as well.

> Does anyone have any suggestions?

It works for Lotus Domino's LDAP. It should work as well for any LDAP
server that allows bind as a user.

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