Plz advice on a good captive portal for FreeRadius

Jayakrishnan jayakrishnanlll at
Sat Dec 11 05:07:19 CET 2010

Dear all,

We are setting up a wireless network in our office. I am planning to use
FreeRadius for authenticating and authorizing wireless clients. The setup
also contains squid content filtering, bandwidth limiting and other access
controls. What I need is a "Captive Portal" which shows information about
the network, how to set proxy in their browser and other information when
they connect to the access point (When they select the network from their
laptops or so).

I read about NoCat and wifidog but these products are providing their
authentication and bandwidth filtering. But I do not want to disturb my
FreeRadius + Squid setup.

Please advice me how to create a Captive portal with in the FreeRadius AAA
server. Is it possible to use NoCatSplash and use FreeRadius Authentication
and Authorization?


Jayakrishnan. L

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