Plz advice on a good captive portal for FreeRadius

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Sun Dec 12 21:47:15 CET 2010


personally, for your office, I would not touch captive portals at all - you
are giv ing yourself a nice headache, single points of failure and a nice weak
security model.

go to 802.1X - and then configure your wireless AP to use the FreeRADIUS
box (or boxes!) as the RADIUS authentication/accounting.   you can then 
do all you rpoxy things etc just as a normal network.  WPA2/AES with PEAP/MSCHAPv2
is very easy on pretty much all modern OS/clients

if you are hellbent on doing captive portal...well, I'd say just roll
your own. Linux.BSD box with ebtables/iptables 2 interfaces (one inside
the captive , the other outside - with a bridg interface on which the
apache server listens....about 30 lines of PERL which gives them a web page
with login box - please use HTTPS for at least some security!) - and then
PERL Auth::RADIUS to take user/pass details and pipe to RADIUS  - the 
POD pretty much gives you the code you need.  you can then tweak/customise
as YOU need, rather then what somewhen else thinks you need......

802.1X means you can cut out all the rubbish and have pure network access


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