Failed remembering handle for proxy socket

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Dec 14 21:22:38 CET 2010

Mika wrote:
> Upgrade to 2.1.10 did not solve the problem.
> I also tried increasing physical memory to 1,5 GB, but i still get the same
> error.

  It is not an "out of memory" error.

> Would be good to know where the limitation is.. 
> I guess the configuration is not meant to be this way. Need to add more
> logic to the config i think.
> Failed remembering handle for proxy socket!

  You are probably opening *way* too many sockets.

  I'm a little surprised at your configuration.  It's rarely necessary
to have the server listen on dozens of ports.

  Instead, select the virtual server by *client*.  It's much simpler,
and it scales to 500K clients.  (Yes, this has been done)

  Alan DeKok.

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