FreeRADIUS - no service!

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Wed Dec 15 10:26:44 CET 2010


> We have an issue with a FreeRADIUS server (FreeRADIUS server and
> Oracle Database).  Sometimes it fails and stops to process the AAA
> requests (only complete server reboot helps)!
> Here is the log output during the time of a failed situation:

from the log

1) no connection to the DB. thats very concise

2) you are trying to send a dodgy accounting packet to the DB. dont.

3) you are sending a packet with same details - constraint violation.

4) finally, you are trying to run radius when its already running still.

kill -9 radiusd

then run the server.

why is it dying?  proably numerous reasons.  what version are you running?

I'd advise you do 2 things, firstly, have some extra terminal windows open
and in one, run a tcmdpump of your DB connection, and in the other, run radiusd -X

(ie run in full debug mode as is written in all docs when you have a problem)

you might also want to put a wrapper around the accounting part so that packets
with zero session length etc (do you use Cisco gear by any chance? ;-) ) dont
find their way into STOP packets...which is why I asked what version you are running..
in 2.1.x, something like this will do it 

in the accounting {} sectin of your server, instead of just calling SQL,
wrapper it:

	if (Acct-Session-Time != 0) {
        else {


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