FreeRADIUS - no service!

Александр Чурсин achursin86 at
Wed Dec 15 12:43:18 CET 2010

Alan, please, clarify some things:

1) >in the accounting {} sectin of your server, instead of just calling SQL,
>wrapper it:

  >     if (Acct-Session-Time != 0) {
   >            sql
    >   }
     >  else {
      >         ok

Where can I put this wrapper, sql.conf or in some source file and
after that the server must be recompiled ?

2) > tcmdpump of your DB connection, and in the other, run radiusd -X

So I need to run two terminal windows with these command running on it
during the problem? Tcpdump... you mean tcpdump traffic with a source
of RADIUS and a destionaton of Oracle DB ?

3)  >you are sending a packet with same details - constraint violation.
What do you mean?

Sorry for newbie questions.

Thanks in advance!

p.s. Yes, you are right RADIUS client is Cisco PDSN.

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