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Ah, it occurred to me I might know where your confusion is coming from. In
an earlier email you referenced the iconv encoding library and asked
shouldn't FreeRADIUS be encoding/decoding text. The answer is no. The reason
why is because radius implementations treat text as an octet string (e.g. a
sequence of bytes). Those octets are supposed to be a UTF-8 encoding and are
supplied to FreeRADIUS by external entities. It's those external entities
which are responsible for assuring the octet string they supply is a proper
UTF-8 encoding. That includes backends which look-up text during processing,
network clients supplying values and any text editor used to read/write
config files.

*-> I understood that ones who wants to use text other than ASCII than that
is up him to convert into UTF-8 first and send it to RADIUS server.*
*-> But then How can free RADIUS server can performed the job of varrifying
credentials in above UTF-8 case, because it is not going to
understand UTF-8? *

> I can think of only one area which might be problematic. The regular
> expression engine used to match and extract strings fundamentally wants to
> operate on characters not encoded octets. But that is not an RFC compliance
> issue.

->   *Can you please focus some more on this point?, I am not at all
understood your point sir.*

karnik jain
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