Reals Based Upon Port

Brian Carpio bcarpio at
Fri Dec 17 17:10:11 CET 2010

Thanks for the reply, here is what I am trying to do

External Servers Send Requests To - 1812,1813 --- FreeRadiusd -- Backend_Servers_Set01 (1812,1813)
External Servers Send Requests To - 1815,1816 -- FreeRadiusd -- Backend_Servers_Set02 (1815,1816)

I guess I am not sure where the listen section goes? Maybe I removed it from my proxy.conf file? 

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Brian Carpio wrote:
> I'm pretty clear on how I would add a new home_server_pool called like alt-server-balance with the other two home_servers defined which listen on the 1815,1816 the part I am confused about is how to define the new realm, since I'm using DEFAULT to send all traffic to "server-balance" how do I define a new realm which will accept traffic on 1815,1816 and send it to alt-server-balance. 
> I hope that makes sense.


  You've confused *incoming* connections with *outgoing* connections.
Realms allow you to send packets to outgoing connections.  Realms do
*not* "accept traffic".

  You're stuck on implementing a particular solution.  Instead, focus on the problem.  It will usually be easier than you think.

  Draw a diagram of how you want packets to flow in/out of the server.
Incoming packets require a "listen" section.  Outgoing packets require a "home_server" definition.  The glue in between is the realms, and/or the policies you want to configure.

  Alan DeKok.
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