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Norman Diamond n0diamond at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Dec 22 03:07:17 CET 2010

I have the same problem as Miha Zoubek.

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Miha Zoubek wrote:
>> at the end of this file I am getting massage
>> Failed to load module "sql".
> Does your system have the rlm_sql library?  Did you
> configure the SQL module?

In freeradius-server 2.1.9-1.7 in OpenSuse 11.3,
directory /usr/lib/freeradius contains all of the
same files as were present in freeradius-server
2.0.5-8.3 in OpenSuse 11.0, but obviously filenames
reflect the newer version number.

It is interesting that modules other than rlm_sql
load with no problems.  In sites-available files
default and inner-tunnel, if I change contents from
sql to files, then all other modules load OK.  Only
the sql module fails to load.

Mysql works by itself, and dialup_admin access mysql.
I did change admin.sql to change 3 lines into 1:
GRANT ALL ON radius.* TO 'radius'@'localhost';
because I figured dialup_admin would need it.
But I think radiusd -XC doesn't get that far, because
radiusd -XC can't load the module for SQL.

I wondered if libgda might be relevant because it was
installed in OpenSuse 11.0 (I don't know what I did
to install it but it was there).  Therefore I added
libgda to the OpenSuse 11.3 machine but it didn't
change the problem.  Maybe rlm_sql and rlm_sql_mysql
depend on something else, but I can't guess what.

Modules file inner-eap was added in between 2.0.5-8.3
and 2.1.9-1.7 but the only thing I did there was edit
the password.

What else changed?  Why did it break?  And most
importantly, how can I fix it?

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