Perl bindings for libfreeradius-radius

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Dec 23 19:48:14 CET 2010

Alexandr Kovalenko wrote:
> Thank you, but searching CPAN is prerequisite for writing to maillist :)

  Most people don't do that.

> The idea is that there is none in CPAN. I mean no reliable module, yet
> simple module, which could read freeradius dictionaries, make
> auth/acct/coa requests.
> Authen::Radius is pretty simple, but it has some problems with reading
> dictionaries of freeradius, and it's own dictionaries are pretty
> outdated.

  The dictionary format has never been standardized.  See the
"scripts/snmp-proxy" directory in 2.1.10 for patches to let the Perl
modules read FreeRADIUS dictionaries.

> POE-Component-Client-RADIUS-1.02 can't issue coa/pod packets and "a
> bit" overkill in complexity of implementation - POE, which is not
> needed there.

  <shrug>  Well...

> The best thing is to have something like Authen::Radius, but more
> reliable and able to read new dictionaries. I know it has been updated
> recently to 0.20, but it does not completely fix compatibility
> problems with vendor attributes and/or values, only quick fix to make
> it work in most common cases. Still have problems.

  So submit a patch.  It's not software *we* wrote, so maybe talking to
the module author would help?

> That's why I'm asking for help in mailing list - maybe I am
> overlooking some really good, small and efficient Perl module which
> supports all types of messages - auth/acct/coa.

  Google works.  It is showing you everything that is available.  There
is no secret Perl module with the functionality you want.

  Alan DeKok.

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