Call IPPool / SQLIPPool manually

Marten Pape Marten.Pape at
Sat Dec 25 19:31:03 CET 2010

I want to use FreeRadius for a set of WLAN AccessPoints. The general
setup is done and seems to work well. Due to some demands of the local
area network, I need to manipulate the local dhcp server every time a
user eners this network via WLAN. This will be done via an external
program that is called in the accounting-section of the default-server.

This external program needs to know, which IP should be assigned to the
Client. Therefore I need to set up an IP-Pool management - which IP is
in use, which one not? The modules ippool and espacially sqlippool are
very nice to use and configure. Is it possible to execute them manually?
I'd like to retrieve the ip as a parameter that can be passed to this
external program. The other way round I'd like to tell the module, which
IP can be released.

Is that possible and how?

Thank you and merry christmas!
Marten Pape

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