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Mon Dec 27 10:06:39 CET 2010

Hi All,

I'm a starter to freeRadius and request you to provide your inputs on my below queries. I'm trying to simulate a ISP flow, where based on vendorspecific AVPs (stored in the DB from Acct-Start msg)should trigger a COA msg as shown:

NAS(RadClient here)                                     RadiusServer

--------------         Acct Start             --------------->

<-----------            Ack Acct Start    ----------------
                                                                (Based on the Vendor-Specific-AVP)

<-------------         CoA        --------------------------

-----------              CoA ack                ----------------->

Request to provide your inputs and help me on the  below query:

1.       Is there any configurations that would help in triggering the CoA msg upon the Acct Start msg processed results Or other helpful documents/links shared earlier with the forum would be helpful on this, as I could n't get the information from freeRadius search page.


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