Difficulties with rlm_perl specifically sending mail

David Buckley david.buckley at canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Feb 2 00:12:46 CET 2010

Greetings from New Zealand

I have a two factor auth system built using rlm_perl, which is all
working fine but for one problem.

I have a function that sends emails for sending one-time passwords via
SMS which works perfectly when FR is run as radiusd -X, but doesn't work
when FR started as a service.  This FR 2.1.7 RPM installation on RHEL
modern and patched.  When run as a service RHEL runs radiusd as user and
group radiusd.

Suspecting this might be a user permissions related issue, I whipped the
code out into a standalone test script, and it still works fine when run
under my normal non-priv'd account.

Since the module runs fine when run as radiusd -X, there seems little
point in including the debug output.

Here is the relevant code, which for the purposes of testing I put into
the accounting() function as its much smaller than authorize().  The
problem is that the $smtp thing never gets created when run in the
proper context; it is an undefined item and thus the code below doesn't
get invoked.  The radlog debug message obviously doesn't appear either.
Prior to me inserting the test I just assumed that the $smtp thing would
be created, which lead to error messages such as "Error: rlm_perl:
perl_embed:: module = /etc/raddb/otp.pl , func = authorize exit status=
Can't call method "mail" on an undefined value at /etc/raddb/otp.pl
line..." the line being "$smtp->mail($fromaddr);".  

Can anyone suggest how I might get to the bottom of this frustration?  I
should say at this point I'm not a perl expert!

use Net::SMTP;

sub accounting {

    my $number = '*cellnumber*';
    my $msg = 'hello, world!';

    my $mailhost = '*deleted*';

    my $fromaddr = '*deleted*';

    my $toaddr = $number . '@*deleted*';

    my $smtp = Net::SMTP->new($mailhost, Debug => 0, Timeout => 10);

    if (defined($smtp)){
        &radiusd::radlog(RL_DEBUG, "We've created $smtp");

        $smtp->datasend("From: $fromaddr\n");
        $smtp->datasend('To: ' . $toaddr . "\n");
        $smtp->datasend("Subject: " . $msg . "\n");


    return RLM_MODULE_OK

If there is a disclaimer below here, I apologize - the corporate gateway
installs it on outgoing mail.  Its my opionion it's a waste of
bandwidth, and the (very expensive) lawyers agree with me, but they
don't see that there is any harm in having it, so its there, "just in

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