how to generate chap-password chap-challenge on radius

Alisson alissonfer at
Tue Feb 2 13:50:47 CET 2010

hi, I need to use chap-password and chap-challenge to authenticate mikrotik
on radius

and i'm trying to use some pear extensions to do it...

but mikrotik use passwords like this


CHAP-Challenge = 0xad2c7efe802ea7bea94e270404eb01ae

CHAP-Password = 0x000ad48b2d944948e8014118aeb4e56923

and on pear crypt-chap it generates

ChallResp : 641af097fc49501791740dcf0684c0e2 expected :

Alisson F. Gonçalves
Sistemas de Informação - UFGD
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