using Oracle with FreeRADIUS - I need a clue

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Tue Feb 2 20:54:35 CET 2010

According to Alan DeKok <aland at> on Tue, 02/02/10 at 14:29:
> > If Oracle support in FreeRADIUS is meant to at least include logging
> > of session records, if RADIUS requests arrive at two FreeRADIUS server
> > instances (say, primary and backup/failover), say Acct-Start to server
> > "A" and the corresponding Acct-Stop to server "B" for the same RADIUS
> > session, would both accounting log records end up in the same Oracle
> > table (assuming both server "A" and server "B" are configured to send
> > session logs to an Oracle instance on server "C")?
>   That's a database replication issue, not a FreeRADIUS confi question.

Just to clarify, given a server "C" running an instance of Oracle,
and given the two FreeRADIUS boxes "A" and "B", if they both are
configured to "talk" to Oracle on server "C" (just what that means is
left as an exercise for me), there is nothing preventing a Acct-Start
record from a RADIUS session 123 from server "A" _plus_ a Acct-Stop
record from the same session 123 from server "B" being directed to
the Oracle server "C", correct?

This scenario hypothetizes the unlikely circumstance where server "A"
is unavailable after the session 123 Acct-Start is received and hence
the Acct-Stop fails-over to server "B".

Given all that, it does seem to boil down to an Oracle issue, but I had
to start here for FreeRADIUS.  Next step: ask some Oracle expert about
updating this one table, in real time, from two _different_ connections.

Thanks for your timely reply.



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