Failover Configuration

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Wed Feb 3 18:11:59 CET 2010

That was the conclusion I was coming to as well.  Just wanted confirmation
from the list.

Thanks Alan!

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Troy.Rindy at wrote:
> Send Request to our Corporate Radius Server for Two Factor Auth
> If the corporate Server is Unavailable, doesn't respond or if the user is
> not found, then
>     Use Auth-Type LDAP to Authenticate to our local LDAP repository

  The server isn't really set up to do that.  i.e. "authenticate the
user, and if authentication fails, do another authentication.

> However, I cannot get them to work together as "Try Corporate first, then
> local LDAP second".

  Try "use local LDAP first", and proxy second. :)

  If the proxy returns reject, then reject.  if LDAP returns reject,
then reject.

  Alan DeKok.
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