Forwarding/Logging Accounting to another Radius server without proxy‏

Benjamin Marvin benjinm at
Wed Feb 10 00:28:12 CET 2010

I've noted the RFCs list the following:

>From PROXY section 2.1
   A forwarding server may either perform its forwarding function in a
   pass through manner, where it sends retransmissions on as soon as it
   gets them, or it may take responsibility for retransmissions, for
   example in cases where the network link between forwarding and remote
   server has very different characteristics than the link between NAS
   and forwarding server.

   Extreme care should be used when implementing a proxy server that
   takes responsibility for retransmissions so that its retransmission
   policy is robust and scalable.

So my question is:
Does FreeRadius have built in support for taking responsibility of Accounting retransmission?  

I currently proxy to an upstream vendor on the off-chance my customers use their services while connected to a servicing NAS.  Accounting turn-around with them is not robust so a NAS generates a truck load of duplicates then wonders why the accounting server hasn't responded.  Optimally, my own Server would reply and then generate a new accounting record for my upstream vendor.  Also, with the current setup, if the upstream vendor goes offline, my NAS will continue duplicating accounting records until timeout.

I don't control all the connecting NASes so I can't tell them to wait longer.  Overall, it seems simpler to cut the upstream vendor out of the middle of my accounting stream.

Thoughts and comments are appreciated!
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