Freeradius + External PHP script

J Doe mayday64 at
Wed Feb 10 20:57:43 CET 2010

1. Freeradius calls the external script for validating username/password
2. If the credentials are ok, script returns ok, else fail
3. If the credentials are ok, script also needs to provide a few attributes along with the Access-Accept packet (based on username)

How can this be achieved?

(in example of using EAP/TTLS)

I guess modifying only 3 files is enough...

exec php {
  wait = yes
  program = "/usr/bin/php -f myscript.php"
  input_pairs = request
  output_pairs = reply

and the other two are sites-enabled/inner_tunnel & users?

Is it possible to do it with 1 script? Or there needs to be a special script for user/pass validation and another one for getting attributes?
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