how to use daloradius to limit pptp users time?

Jean jeantoe at
Fri Feb 12 07:52:52 CET 2010

hi, all

I am trying to set a test billing plan where the user 1 minute total. It's
not quite working and I have a few questions:

1. First I set up a billing plan called "1time": Billing>Plans>New Plan. I
set Time Settings>Plan Type = Accumulative, and Plan Time Bank = 60. Then I
assigned the plan to a user. Billing>POS>Edit User>Plan Name = "1time".

But after the users over 1 minute, and then logs off, they can still log
back in. It seems the Billing Plan does not stop the user from logging in.
What should I do such that the user gets blocked after 1 minute?

daloradius:version 0.9-8-SVN

freeradius:version 1.1.6

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