Simultaneous-Use problem with Mikrotik NAS clients

Fojtán Balázs István balazs at
Fri Feb 12 15:02:57 CET 2010


After I've made your suggested change (inserted the Simultaneous-Use := 1
record into radgroupcheck table), the script run, when I use
radtest to a user, who is listed by radwho. I've set the $debug, $snmpget,
$snmpwalk, $cmmty_string variables in the /usr/sbin/checkrad. After I get
this message to checkrad's debug file:

Fri Feb 12 14:13:19 2010 checkrad mikrotik 2147483647 hz00001
  Returning 2 (error detected)

Is there any settings to get more detailed debug info somewhere? I've set
a firewall logger between the freeradius and the NAS client, but it has
not any packet detected. The snmpwalk or telnet (to reach the mikrotik
NAS) are working fine if I try them from a simple linux shell.


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