Allowing user from one realm but not another

Jeff A jeffa at
Sat Feb 13 16:52:33 CET 2010

Heres my issue and no idea exactly how to do this.

Trying to figure it out is making me more confused.


1st I use the usersfile for authentation 


I have three different realms users can login with


For examples they are (,,


When users login from one of the realms from my two upstream providers they
login as one of these realms

Then freeradius will strip the realm and auth the user


My delima is I have some users that abused a certain realm usage and I want
to restrict them to another realm for login and deny the others


Say billy at has abused the realm now I need him solely on the and disallowing the other two realms. In other words reject him
before if he trys to use the old realm again. In other words I want to allow
only billy to use this one new realm and be rejected if he trys another


This has to take place I figure in preproxy, cause my users file is
authenticated minus the realm in proxy..


But as I said I have no idea on what to do to set this up..


I would not mind adding usernames to a file to be prechecked at preproxy and
if user is and he is not using realm specified reject him , just not sure
what to do or how..




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